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Aerospace - FAC Membership

FAC is an acronym of Farnborough Aerospace Consortium that provides a focus for over 700 aerospace related companies located in southern England. The Consortium enables its members to become more competitive through improved marketing, sharing of best practice, access to current research and collective action.

Its main objectives are:

1.     To deliver improved access to market to its members.

2.     To promote competitiveness of members to meet current and future market requirements.

3.     To facilitate technology development and exploitation.

4.     To act as a forum to interact with and influence public and private sector organisations.

5.     To act jointly or in cooperation with other bodies both nationally and internationally in furtherance of the objectives of the FAC.

SaRS - UK Membership

Safety and Reliability Society (SaRS) is an internationally recognised society whose purpose is to represent engineers and scientists working in the important field of Safety and Reliability.

SaRS objective is to enhance the professionalism and reputation of all the personals involved in safety and reliability technology.

SaRS aims to:

1.     Encourage the development and use of safety and reliability technology

2.     Provide an international forum for the exchange of information on safety and reliability matters

3.     Establish professional and educational standards for safety and reliability engineers

4.     Establish standard techniques and encourage consistency in their application

5.     Encourage organisations and government departments to apply safety and reliability technique

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