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Safety and Reliability Society (SaRS) is an internationally recognised society whose purpose is to represent engineers and scientists working in the important field of Safety and Reliability.

SaRS objective is to enhance the professionalism and reputation of all the personals involved in safety and reliability technology.

SaRS aims to:
  1. Encourage the development and use of safety and reliability technology
  2. Provide an international forum for the exchange of information on safety and reliability matters
  3. Establish professional and educational standards for safety and reliability engineers
  4. Establish standard techniques and encourage consistency in their application
  5. Encourage organisations and government departments to apply safety and reliability technique

Our Relationship

rcm2 is primarily a consultancy firm providing consultancy services in many fields. rcm2 is providing consultancy services, products, whole life cycle software development and support.

In safety and reliability paradigm, we provide:

  1. System Safety and Reliability solutions
  2. Intelligent remote condition monitoring and reliability-centred maintenance (predictive maintenance management)
  3. Safety Case development and management

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