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The word “Theron” as its Greek origin suggests refers,”Hunter”. It helps identify faults, failures and non-conformities in the system. Theron builds on the world leading brands and COTS Technology to offer Quality Assurance, Reliability Management, Maintenance Management, Automated Optical Inspection, Medical Diagnostics, Flexible Measurement equipment and Field testers. ...more
MCVR (Multi Channel Voice Recorder)
MCVR is a 32 channel (16-digital and 16-analogue in parallel) extendable to 64 channel (32-digital and 32-analogue in parallel) voice grabber having an interface with a computer. RIMS standard version is available, however customized solutions are also provided. MP3 void encoding is done. It is being used in the industry for security, surveillance and other objectives. ...more

GAT (Generic Automated Tester)

GAT is a generic tester for the launchers of air-to-air missiles. It is a handy unit for quick pre-flight checks to avoid an accidental fire or a misfire. The tester checks to confirm that the standby and firing voltages applied to the missile launcher are within the tolerance limits, the missile firing sequence is correct and no stray voltage is present.

MRMTT (Multiple Radar Multiple Target Tracker)
The MRMTT is a Multiple Radar Tracker with HS-IMM and MHT achieved and Manages Manoeuvring targets under cluttered environment. It provides Robust and Graceful Degradation with Hybrid Radars Interfacing Capability. It is built on Modular and Scalable Architecture. The complete toolkit for Hybrid – Interacting Multiple Model target Tracking System Theoretical Testing Also Available.

Advance Training Systems
rcm2 is committed to achieve the goal of intelligent industrial automation throughout the globe. For the purpose there is a need of skilled manpower, to meet current and future requirements of automation industry. rcm2 designed state of the art training devices.

These training solutions provides a whole laboratory to the students, to explore the following fields,
  • Communication
  • Digital Electronics
  • Microprocessor & Interface
  • Controls & Instrumentation
  • Electrical Machines
Trainers are equipped with all necessary materials, broachers and Support. The support includes custom experiments from rcm2 as well as contributions from all users of these trainers. For further information visit the site of rcm2 regional partner RIMS.

London Underground Limited

In March 2001, the London Underground Ltd. (LUL) Board directed the Policy Review Group (PRG) to develop a coherent suite of policies consistent with the London Underground Ltd. document hierarchy. ...more

Remote Real-Time Monitoring System
The system is designed keeping in mind the dynamic requirements of today's administrators/ managers. It also supports the remote accessibility using RAS, that enables the user to access its office, work place or class room from any location where the phone service is available. System offer high reliability, throughput and maintainability. The usage of co-axial backbone for data transfer and centralized power options reduces the installation cost. System has following salient features. ...more

Lab Management System
Lab Management System (LMS) is a comprehensive set of tools that includes an online version of all rcm2 trainer manuals. Experiment list of all trainers and much more. The system also includes a audio video streaming server and client that captures live video on server and send it to all clients. ...more
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