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RIMS remote real-time monitoring system is an ideal choice for the monitoring of School, Institution and Work place. The system is designed keeping in mind the dynamic requirements of today's administrators/ managers. It also supports the remote accessibility using RAS that enables the user to access its office, work place or class room from any location where the phone service is available. System offer high reliability, throughput and maintainability. The usage of co-axial backbone for data transfer and centralized power options reduces the installation cost. System has following salient features.

Automatic Activity detection and recording

Video would be acquired and be saved in an AVI File. There are options to detect activity in video and save the clip that has activity level equals or greater then a specific (adjustable) threshold. The video would be saved in a clip that would be displayed/ played back when ever user wants to view the stored video The logger can offer three types of video recording (Recording Mode)

  • Continues Recording
  • Record on activity
  • Monitoring Only (do not record either)

Real time channel monitoring
User can monitor any node, disabling the auto switching functionality of the System.

Video Compression and encoding/archiving
The system provides the ability to encode the video data in any standard encoding. The user will be able to select desired format and system will archive video accordingly.

RAS based Remote Accessibility

The server software Support Remote accessibility using RAS. For the purpose client will dial a number and if the caller ID is among the list of trusted clients a connection will be established. The server will exchange the data with the client using a custom protocol.

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