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We have developed a considerable ability to tame DOORS® according to your specific requirements. Your organization can be benefited by our services in the area of DOORS® customization. Our plug-in will integrate with DOORS® to provide you the custom functionality you required. Following are some feature that can enhance your productivity and help you to utilize DOORS® up to the maximum extent.

Providing GUI (Forms) Support For DOORS® Modules
We provide GUI solution for a particular template of a module, which are window forms like following as a sample.

A DOORS® Module Form

The fields of this form represent attributes of a particular module.
We can provide you with a state of the art Software piece that would be able to generate forms for your specific needs. These forms will be extremely helpful for the purpose of easy navigation among the objects within your module. Even one form can provide a front end from more then one module. The typical functionality these forms can provide, include.
  • Module data traversing using forms.
  • New object insertion

DOORS® Data Representation Using Drawing and Graphs
Diagrammatic representation of data is an efficient manner for understanding so DOORS® provide drawing facility and we have full capability to use these graphics capabilities of DXL and represent module data through diagrams and graphs. The following is a sample.

Safety Risk Matrix

Additionally we can develop a DXL program that processes the data in a module and presents it in some diagram. This diagram can support the rules of a specific notation e.g. The user enlist all the elements of a process and that process can be modelled automatically using a standard notation.

Link Management from GUI
Links in DOORS® are stored in a separate link module which is used to link objects within a module and to other modules also. We can develop a strategy to manage the links automatically. Giving a clear picture of data to the user we can provide the facilities of relational databases into DOORS®, thus combining the plus points of a hierarchal relational database. We provide this link management through forms and displaying all the links to the user and manage all the links from the forms like the following figure as an example.


The encircle area show that the current object is link with the five object. These links can be updated by clicking on link and then update from the following form.

Link Editor Form

This form shows all possible objects which will link with object that is displayed in the figure above.

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