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DXL is “DOORS® Extension Language“ and DOORS® is Dynamic Object Oriented Requirement System used for requirement management. DOORS® is a powerful requirement management and change management tools by IBM DOORS. We provide services in following area of DOORS® automation, customization and general programming.

DOORS® Automation
We have expertise to automate DOORS® for your specific needs. The routine tasks and your organizational specific process can be seamlessly integrated with DOORS® utilizing our DOORS® automation services. We can deliver a state of the art piece of software that would work with DOORS® to give you maximum of the said tool. ...more

DOORS® Customization
We have developed a considerable ability to tame DOORS® according to your specific requirements. Your organization can be benefited by our services in the area of DOORS® customization. Our plug-in will integrate with DOORS® to provide you the custom functionality you required. Following are some feature that can enhance your productivity and help you to utilize DOORS® up to the maximum extent. ...more

General Programming Capabilities
We can provide services in the broad area of Data Import, Export to standard packages like MS Office Suite and any other proprietary tool. Integration of DOORS® with OLE compatible platform is our specialty. We can utilize XML for any process definition to document contents. Following are some of the possibilities. ...more
  • Custom Wizard Development
  • XML Support
  • OLE- Based Services
  • Import Export Facility

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